A little about Bre...

I'm a home baker living in Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up alongside a mom famous for her cakes, squares, and cookies, I had no shortage of training for good old fashion baking. Fast forward a few (a lot) of years and I've focused my attentions on macarons. These tricky cookies suit my competitive perfectionist persona, and goodness are they pretty!

Every macaron I make is crafted with care and attention. To do otherwise would result in failure - there are no shortcuts in macarons. It is important to me to source the products and ingredients I use locally or within Canada, supporting local whenever I can. I love building recipes, developing new collections and creating different designs. To me, macarons are art. In the baking world I expect I'd be considered akin to a street artist, pouring my heart and soul into creating something beautiful to be enjoyed. 

Photo by Blair Marie Photography.