A little about Bre...

I live in Edmonton, AB, with my husband and our two rescue dogs Indy and Stella. 

I grew up baking alongside my mom, who was famous for her cheesecakes and squares at church. Every Christmas she would guide my siblings and I through making chocolates for our teachers. We spent hours creating them, using character molds and coloured chocolate wafers. They were our little works of art, and were a huge hit as gifts.  

I've always loved giving thoughtful, handmade gifts. So in 2017, when I saw a Tasty video (you remember those, right?) on how to make foolproof macarons I thought "I can do that!".  Well, it wasn't that foolproof. After a year of trial and failure, I finally figured it out. I started making macarons for friends and family. Soon others began to take notice too. From that, Baked by Bre became a thing. 

Thank you for reading my story.

With love, 

       ~ Bre